Meet Sharon
Meet Sharon

A client once called me his “compassionate snowplow” and that describes well my ever-championing, keep-moving-forward, make-it-happen style well. 

Hi. I’m Sharon Weinberg. I’m a Leadership and Business Strategy Coach passionate about helping leaders build their leadership excellence, strengthen their teams, and do sound business planning for extraordinary results.

It’s been an honor to support the development and performance of executives to front-line managers, departments, cross-functional teams and everything in between. Helping businesses transfrom from their status quo to new frontiers. 

The one thing they all had in common? An ability to achieve new levels of excellence and success through my coaching, facilitated decision-making, and guidance.

What I do best? 

Helping leaders and their teams perform to a higher and more strategic level, individually and collectively. 

To truly seize opportunities and address gnarly challenges, leaders and their teams must be capable in their strategy development, collaborative problem-solving, and execution. I help my clients deepen their confidence, build higher levels of trust, and strengthen their strategic skills so they can bring the fullest breadth of their talent to their work.

Where I started from? 

I wasn’t always a coach and organizational performance professional. The first 12 years of my professional life were as an environmental policy analyst, implementing environmental laws, cleaning up hazardous waste sites, and protecting natural resources. I loved facilitating decision-making for contentious and complex problems, using creative methods to build shared understanding and innovative solutions. 

After a long while, the thrill became less fulfilling and I could feel a hunger within me to stretch into something new. 

A few clients asked me to teach them how to facilitate collaborative decision-making with their diverse stakeholders and I jumped at the chance. In facilitating these trainings, I discovered I loved helping people stretch into new depths of their capabilities. I also discovered I needed to learn a lot more about instructional design and human resource development, so back to school I went.

When I had the opportunity to lead the learning and development function for a large health insurance company, I  leapt into the world of talent development and never looked back (except for volunteering for environmental causes.)

My joy in helping people and teams grow and transform has never waned.

It was scary starting a new career but living a life that didn’t nurture my soul anymore was worse.  One needs to be passionate about one’s work, and reinvention is part of the journey.

How did I get here? 

I’ve lead my own teams and departments, built talent development functions from the ground up, and created enterprise-wide leadership development initiatives for nearly 5,000 leaders.

Over the course of +20 years in talent development, I’ve had the pleasure of helping more than 1,000 leaders transform their leadership, and +176 teams I know how hard it is to lead and make all the work happen at once. 

Three years ago, after more than two decades leading successful teams and departments in the corporate world, I decided it was time to build my own business. 

Throughout my career, upleveling my skills is something I’ve been committed to. Becoming professionally certified as a coach was one of the best investments in myself that I’ve ever made. My learning has continued with advance practicums in coaching and business planning.

I’m proud to have worked in or for the following industries: Healthcare Technology  Life Sciences  Insurance   Environmental Services Communications Public Sector Military Non-Profit

The formal and informal about me:

I’m a certified professional coach through The Coaches Training Institute and the International Coaching Federation, and have advanced training in strategic planning, facilitation, performance excellence, and talent development.

I hold a Master’s in Public Administration (Organizational Development and Public Policy) from the University of Southern California, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy of Industrial Societies from UC Berkeley, and a Certificate in Human Resource Development from UC Berkeley.

While I’m a San Francisco native, I’ve lived in Oakland, CA for more than 20 years. Joining me in my abode are my teenage son, energetic dog, and extremely lazy cat. My daughter visits from college when she can. 

When not working, you’ll find me logging many laps at the local pool, hiking with my dog all around the Bay Area, visiting museums (total art junkie), and reading too many books at once.

The dog in the pic is Laney. She’s a Chihuahua-Italian Greyhound mix. She has two settings: fast and sleep.  

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