Team Uplevel

Boosting Cohesion, Collaboration, and Performance

Team Uplevel

Boosting Cohesion, Collaboration, and Performance

Effective team collaboration gets the important work done.

Is your team performing to the level you need them to consistently? Do your team members:

  • Trust each other implicitly?
  • Transform conflicts in ways that strengthen their bond as a team?
  • Think together critically about the tough issues, using their diversity of wisdom?
  • Share accountability and recognition for all successes and failures?
  • Demonstrate a fluidity in their communication and collaboration?

If you answered, yes, no, or a mix of both, then consider this:

A team that works in silos, is struggling to communicate, or executes inconsistently, puts your business at risk every day.

Your team’s cohesion and performance didn’t diminish or fall apart all at once. Most often there is either a slow erosion, or there never was the true cohesion and integration from the beginning…that was then nurtured.

A team with high trust, strong cohesion, and interdependence can accomplish anything.

High team performance is a result of integration as a unit, not simply by having smart people work together.

You need an approach that focuses on greater transparency, leveraging strengths, and promoting collective critical thinking.

Transformation is possible when the underlying issues are addressed, combined with a new collective vision, mindset, and practices. 

Day 1 of Team Uplevel can be the beginning of a radical transformation. Ongoing coaching can help your team integrate their new vision and practices to support lasting results.

“Sharon helped us reframe how we worked together as a team. She helped us build greater trust with one another so we could see and value our differences as strengths. We learned and adopted new practices so we could have better and quicker problem-solving.  Before working with Sharon, our team worked in silos and we didn’t use each other’s expertise and skills well. After working with Sharon, we now leverage our capabilities with greater ease, achieve better outcomes faster, and enjoy being a team more than ever before.” 

– Director of Commercial Services,
Confidential Client

With Team Uplevel, your team can:

Better understand the current team dynamic – the good, the not so good, and undermining practices.

Create a powerful new team vision that will guide engagement, collaboration and increase performance.

Establish deeper trust, transparency, and thoughtful risk taking.

Finally understand the real barriers to their cohesion and performance, and how it should be addressed.

Strengthen cohesion and interdependence by defining core values and key operating practices.

Utilize innovative methods to promote critical thinking and productive conflict resolution.

Apply new tools to measure progress and more effectively align to business impact.

As your partner, I will structure and guide the explorations and dialogues. This creates an opportunity for the real conflicts, aspirations, and goals to be surfaced in a meaningful way. 

Together, we’ll shape a new mindset, vision, and practices that can transform your team into a cohesive powerhouse. Ongoing coaching will help solidify your team’s follow through. 

But, don’t go it alone…

You want to save money, so you’re considering the idea of personally facilitating your team’s development. Before you move forward, take a moment to understand the risks involved: 

  • You are not neutral, which will compromise the legitimacy of the transformation.   

  • You should be part of the transformation as well. 
  • You may have certain blind spots that could get in the way. 

  • You are part of the team’s conflicts. 

  • You have not facilitated 100+ team development sessions and transformations.

  • You risk your credibility if the team development attempt fails. 

Quickly calculate the true costs of your team’s underperformance. Salaries + rework + loss of productivity +  recruitment for departures + loss of business. 

Now take this number and compare it to the cost of hiring a skilled facilitator and coach. You’ll notice it becomes much more cost effective to use a professional coach. 

When you work with me, you receive a partner with a proven track record of improving team performance, critical thinking, and relational dynamics. My approach effectively establishes transparency, respect, and communication, while bringing forward key challenges so your team can become a cohesive powerhouse

Each Team Uplevel includes:

A one-day facilitated development session to shape your team’s vision, address core challenges, and build new practices to foster greater interdependence.

Assessment of current levels/practices of trust, collaboration, and conflict resolution.

Analysis of individual and collective strengths to support better execution.

Tailored approaches for the team to use to foster their success.

Six months of team coaching to integrate the new vision and collaborative practices.

What new heights of success do you need your team to achieve?