Liberate Your Leadership

Uplevel Your Inner Leadership for Greater Impact

Liberate Your Leadership

Uplevel Your Inner Leadership for Greater Impact

Are You Leaving Your Success as a Mid-Level Leader to Chance? 

You’re smart, ambitious, know your technical discipline well, and have taken your share of courses, read a few leadership books, even had a mentor or two. All of which is important for your leadership capability.  

If you’re a mid-level leader, your leadership, drive, and commitment are tested every day. You knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but likely, you didn’t think it would be this hard and at times, perhaps, confusing and demoralizing. 

You know you have it in you to be wildly successful. 

Fact:  Most mid-level leaders don’t receive coaching within their organizations. Coaching is most often reserved for executives, high-potentials, or underperformers.

This leaves the majority of mid-level leaders on their own. 

To thrive as a mid-level leader, you must guide your leadership from a deeper place of vision and strength than your title and the authority it confers. 

If each day feels like an uphill battle, then it’s time to create “the 2.0 of you” and get the support you deserve.

Imagine what your leadership would be like if you had targetted support, a clear vision for moving forward purposefully, and the know-how to use your capabilities strategically.

No more flying by the seat of your pants or skirt. No more doubting yourself or winging it. 

Who would you be as a leader? What would your work fulfillment be like?  What would you feel with greater confidence to navigate the difficult moments with ease? What new successes would you (and your teams) achieve if you were able to more guided performance, collaboration, and execution more strategically? 

You wouldn’t expect a serious athlete to succeed without tailored support.

Your leadership excellence, career, and well-being deserve support as well. 


Liberate Your Leadership Mastermind is a group coaching program designed specifically for mid-level leaders who want to elevate their confidence, vision, and leadership impact by shaping a strategic approach for their current and future success.

Liberate Your Leadership will help you transform your leadership by:


Creating clarity and conviction for your leadership by defining your personal leadership vision.

Deepening your leadership confidence by aligning your leadership vision, values, and actions.

Becoming more strategic in your actions by harnessing your strengths differently.

Diminishing self-sabotage by surfacing and taming hidden beliefs and practices.

Building your emotional intelligence to navigate people and social dynamics more easily.

Enhancing your strategic collaborations to serve your leadership.

Creating a roadmap to strategically guide attainment of your leadership dream.

“Working with Sharon helped me identify my strengths and to also focus on areas of improvement. We explored higher-level professional strategies and drilled down to day-to-day operations, including strengthening my relationship with the department’s chief of medicine. 

As a result of our coaching sessions, the group I manage has become a higher performing and cohesive team and I developed self-care options to manage the stress in my life.”

  – Kathryn Zender, NP/MSN/MBA, Service Director, Kaiser Permanente

Liberate Your Leadership Mastermind includes:

Eight group coaching sessions to guide your inner and outer leadership transformation

Two 45-minute private coaching sessions to refine your vision and strategy

Three assessments to clarify your key areas of leadership strength and growth opportunities

Short videos for each coaching session main growth focus

Downloadable action worksheets to fast-track your growth and transformation

Preparation tools to help you make the most of the group coaching sessions

Online access to the coach for just-in-time coaching between sessions

A private client portal for easy access to documents and to keep you organized

Cohort groups for Liberate Your Leadership Mastermind engagements are kept small to promote deeper dialogues both during and outside of coaching sessions. To see if Liberate Your Leadership is a fit for you or your mid-level leaders, please click the link below. 

Is Liberate Your Leadership Mastermind right for me?

It depends on the investment you are willing to make in yourself.

Liberate Your Leadership Mastermind is for you if you are ready to…

  • Step into your leadership talent and wisdom more fully.
  • Create greater impact through a unique leadership vision and strategy.
  • Move your mindset and actions to serve you and your team more powerfully.
  • Do the deep work necessary to take your leadership to a new level.
  • Accept the external guidance from a seasoned coach to build your insight and capability.
  • Invest in your leadership growth and excellence fully.

What growth are you ready to achieve towards your leadership excellence?