Being wildly successful and fulfilled aren’t mutually exclusive.

You moved into your first leadership role and all those that followed to make a bigger difference in the success of your organization, the performance of your teams, and fulfillment of your own professional aspirations. 

It hasn’t been easy. You’ve had your successes and at times, faltered. No path is perfect. 

What you know, is that to attain the levels of of success and fulfillment you desire – and not burn out in the process – you must elevate your leadership excellence and impact. 

What is the leadership challenge you are currently facing?   

You’ve taken on a new role and need to show your impact in bigger ways.

You're not feeling confident in your ability to lead and it's affecting your success.

Your leadership career has stalled and you're struggling to turn it around.

You’re unsure of how to create more collaboration and accountability within your team.

You need to take your business to new levels of success or transform your culture.

You need a leadership strategy that helps you succeed. 

You are ready to increase your leadership credibility, impact, and presence.

You crave greater recognition for your capabilities and contributions.

You need to perform at a higher level.

You want to live your leadership legacy everyday.

Reaching new levels of leadership excellence is your future.

Leader of Your Dreams coaching is for leaders who want to transform their personal leadership strategy to create greater impact and fulfillment in their career. 

I’ve developed my approach through 20+ years of helping leaders ignite their passion, refine their skills, and create unique strategies for thriving as outstanding leaders.

Through coaching, you’ll create a fresh vision of your highest aspirations and dreams as a leader. 

We’ll address the hidden beliefs that are restricting you from the success, and harness your natural strengths so you can be more decisive and create a larger impact.

And we’ll create a strategic leadership roadmap that will help you be purposeful and consistent in your actions. 


Through coaching, past clients have been able to…

Increase their leadership performance, credibility, and value to their organizaion.

Tackle their biggest opportunities and risks with greater strategic ability.

Engage in the tough conversations and problems with greater ease and success.

Foster team performance without micromanaging.

Gain greater personal fulfillment through their leadership.

“Coaching with Sharon enabled me to grow greater comfort and skill with being a leader, not just a chief scientist. I now see myself in a different light and have greater ease with influencing the performance and collaboration of my team and colleagues. Sharon has a gift for getting to the essence of issues and bringing clarity and focus to leadership challenges and opportunities. I always felt supported and was never pushed to distort my leadership style. My confidence and capability as a leader are higher than it’s ever been.

As a scientist, I appreciated that Sharon integrated assessments and tools into our work together. She raised my awareness of my strengths and helped me frame a leadership vision along with practical actions I could take to realize the vision. Unlike other leadership development that I had gone through that was overly conceptual, Sharon and I worked on real issues and problems, creating solutions that I was able to use the very next day.

Our work together not only helped me become a better leader but also positively influenced my personal life. If you get a chance to work with Sharon, consider yourself in good hands.”

 – Terry Stupar, PhD.
Chief Physicist Leader,
Kaiser Permanente Oakland

Leader of Your Dreams Coaching will help you…

Create clarity about your future through a powerful new vision of yourself

Understand your current leadership by identifying what’s working and what isn’t

Feel more in sync and true to you by aligning your core values to your actions

Strengthen emotional intelligence through self-awareness, influence, and actions

Get out of your own way by eliminating hidden practices that diminish your success

Leverage your innate leadership strengths so you can work with greater ease

Harness your natural leadership role to support the legacy you are destined to

Expand your influence through new practices to support your highest aspirations

Be more decisive and create a unique strategic roadmap for success

Strengthen your leadership partnerships to support your fulfillment


Leader of Your Dreams Coaching includes:

12 one-to-one coaching sessions for individualized and confidential support

Four custom assessments for clarity about key areas of leadership growth

Focused feedback to provide insights into your strengths and growth areas 

Preparation tools to help you make the most of the coaching sessions

Post-session accountability to deepen your learning and support action

Online access to coach for ‘just-in-time’ coaching

A private client portal to keep you organized and easy access to documentation

A recording of each coaching session in case you want to review our dialogue

Additional resources to strengthen the transformation and results

You might be asking, “Is coaching right for me?”

It depends on what impact and fulfillment you want to LIVE.

Leader of Your Dreams Coaching is for you if you are ready to…

  • Invest in your growth fully.
  • Believe you have the power to change what you are experiencing as a leader. 
  • Create your personal leadership strategy and purposefully build your legacy.
  • Transform your leadership impact on your teams and your business.
  • Step into the leadership capabilities more fully and authentically.
  • Do the deep work necessary to transform your leadership mindset, strategy, and actions.
  • Accept external guidance from a seasoned coach to build your insight and capability.


The number one investment you can make is in your own growth and performance.

Your leadership impact – your leadership legacy – is yours to shape and execute.

You can leave it to chance or you can be strategic about your success and fulfillment.

The choice is yours. What will you choose?

The number one investment you can make is in your own growth and performance.

Your leadership impact – your leadership legacy – is yours to shape and execute.

You can leave it to chance or you can be strategic about your success and fulfillment.

The choice is yours.
What will you choose?