Leadership Team Alignment

Strengthen Your Collective Influence

Leadership Team Alignment

Strengthen Your Collective Influence

 Your organization will never outperform the collective effectiveness of your leadership team.   

What’s the collective effectiveness of your leadership team? Ask yourself: 

  • Are you in a leadership team of extraordinary performers? 
  • Is the collective leadership of your leadership team strong? How do you know?
  • Is your team’s collective leadership effectiveness better than that of your competition? 
  • Is your leadership team a competitive advantage or disadvantage to your business?
  • Are you continually fostering the collective effectivenss of your leadership team?  

If you answered “No” to any of the questions, your leadership team needs to improve if you want it’s collective effective to support the success and well-being of your organization. 

The collective effectiveness of a leadership team directly influences financial outcomes, workplace culture, innovation, talent capacity, and how well teams execute to strategy. 

Your leadership team can live its collective status quo or transform.

It can’t do both.

I created Leadership Team Alignment to help leadership teams strengthen their collective effectiveness to purposefully influence the success of their organizations. 


Leadership Team Alignment will enable your team to…

Co-create a strategic leadership team vision that gets your team on the same page.

Harness individual and collective intelligences and strengths more strategically.

Identify the key growth areas of your collective leadership effectiveness.

Integrate new ways collaborate and execute together for greater collective influence.

Strengthen team trust, strategic thinking, collective risk-taking, and execution.

“Sharon helped us rethink the ways our leadership team worked together, made decisions, and set priorities for our department. She effectively used the “Six Thinking Hats” model as a framework for helping us approach complex decisions in a way that engaged every team member and identified potential unintended consequences.

 Her introduction of the “gradients of agreement” allowed us to identify important junctures when we were either ready to move forward with a plan or needed to do additional work to achieve a clearer consensus. I believe that Sharon’s skills would be an asset to any organization working to improve its approach to strategic thinking and leadership development.”

– David Conant,
M.D. Chief of Adult Medicine,
Kaiser Permanente

Imagine your leadership teams having…

Greater trust, candor and mutual support for collaborative risk-taking.

Strengthened collective strategic thinking and cross-functional problem-solving.

Clarity about where you align/misalign in vision, strategy, and execution.

A shared leadership vision that elevates your team’s collective values and influence.

Stronger understanding of your team's strengths and how to strategically use them.

Each Leadership Team Alignment includes:

Assessment of current levels of effectiveness, trust, collaboration, strategic thinking, and conflict transformation.

Two one-day facilitated sessions to shape your team’s vision and address challenges to collective effectiveness.

Mapping and analysis of individual and collective strengths for better partnership, influencing, and execution.

Tailored approaches to foster greater collective leadership effectiveness.

Six months of monthly team coaching to integrate the new vision and practices.

Are you ready to to have your leadership team reap a new bounty of results?