Never settle for a generic solution for your unique needs.

You didn’t become a leader to sit on the sidelines and wait for direction. Your intention has always been to be a conduit for success and growth – for your organization, your team’s performance, and your own career aspirations. 

You want to be strong, inspiring and effective in your leadership, responding accurately and efficiently to change. 

You want your teams to succeed through an interdependence of mutual trust, leveraging of diverse strengths, and the use of collaborative strategies. You want to create a thriving workplace, now and in the future. 

Somewhere along the way, it became a whole lot harder to make this happen. 

If you want your team and organization to flourish, you must be able to bring clarity, inspiration, and strategy in your leadership as you execute your organization’s mission.

Together, we’ll create and implement strategies to help you:

Create positive changes by increasing focus and strategy on the most important work, which leads to better outcomes

Address the obstacles and undermining practices that are sabotaging you, your team's, and organization's success

Tap into new depths of wisdom, talents and strengths to increase individual and collective engagement, effectiveness, and fulfillment at work

Achieve your leadership and organizational goals through personal development, strategic thinking, and sound business planning

By working together on these and other strategies, your team and organization will be able to see your strengths as a leader. You’ll be able to transform the way your teams perform, foster a positive work culture, and expand your impact on key business results. 

So, how do we accomplish these wonderful things? 

I don’t just make recommendations; I’ll help you get it done by making sure you take action to achieve excellent results. Each solution is custom-tailored to meet your individual, team, and organizational needs thanks to my expertise in leadership development, strategic thinking, team excellence, and organizational performance. 

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Individual Coaching for Executives and Leaders
Group Coaching for Mid-Level Leaders

Team Coaching for Performance

Collective Leadership Effectiveness Coaching

Strategic Thinking Coaching for Planning and Problem-Solving

Strengthen Your Leadership Impact Quickly

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“Sharon’s coaching helped the director of our department and me improve how we lead together as a team. I appreciated her straightforward style and her ability to quickly analyze and understand the challenges we were facing. Sharon gave us tools that allowed the director and me have greater openness in our discussions and create innovative solutions to challenging operational issues.

We are now on the same page with one another in our understanding and approaches. We can tackle any challenge that comes our way.”

-Xiao-Ping Cheng,
M.D., Chief of Physical Medicine & Physical Therapy

“Before coaching with Sharon, I struggled with the long view of my position as a leader in a high-visibility organization. I wanted to understand my strengths in a cross-disciplinary context to be more open to new possibilities. Sharon’s ability to communicate clearly, meet me where I was at, and connect with purpose and intention – all with a great sense of humor – served me well. Her candid and warm nature helped take my confusion and iron it out.

My confidence and capabilities as a leader grew. My ability to set expectations and priorities for my teams and business partners increased. Now, I prioritize objectives to accommodate the realities of our work in a fast-paced environment with greater ease.

What surprised me in my work with Sharon was her ability to illuminate many pathways to success —not just one. Sharon steers the ship and keeps the momentum even if you feel lost.”

– Brooke Facente,
Strategic Advisor,