Terry Stupar : Leadership Coaching Client

“Sharon helped me become a better leader and positively influenced my personal life. Coaching with Sharon enabled me to grow greater comfort and skill with being a leader, not just a chief scientist. I now see myself in a different light and have greater ease with influencing the performance and collaboration of my team and colleagues. Sharon has a gift for getting to the essence of issues and bringing clarity and focus to leadership challenges and opportunities. I always felt supported and was never pushed to distort my leadership style. My confidence and capability as a leader are higher than they’ve ever been.

As a scientist, I appreciated that Sharon integrated assessments and tools into our work together. She raised my awareness of my strengths and helped me frame a leadership vision along with practical actions I could take to realize the vision. Unlike other leadership development that I had gone through that was overly conceptual, Sharon and I worked on real issues and problems, creating solutions that I was able to use the very next day. I didn’t expect to enjoy coaching or to change. To Sharon’s credit, it was a joy and I did change. If you get a chance to work with Sharon, consider yourself in good hands.”​


David Conant,  M.D. Chief of Adult Medicine, Kaiser Permanente
Business Coaching Client 

“Sharon helped us rethink the ways our leadership group worked together, made decisions, and set priorities for our department. She effectively used the “Six Thinking Hats” model as a framework for approaching complex decisions in a way that engaged every team member and identified potential unintended consequences.

Her introduction of the “gradients of agreement” allowed us to identify important junctures when we were either ready to move forward with a plan or needed to do additional work to achieve a clearer consensus.

I believe that Sharon’s skills would be an asset to any organization working to improve its approach to strategic thinking and leadership development.”

Sanford Goldstein, Chief of Dermatology (Retired), Kaiser Permanente
Business Coaching Client

“Sharon was an active and trusted partner in moving our department from the analysis of issues to implementation of strategies, allowing me to build a team that performed with much greater effectiveness and to enjoy improved working relationships with my managers and co-workers.  I chose to work with Sharon because of I was looking for a coach who had successfully dealt with our situation many times before, who saw through the “noise” clearly and quickly, and could be assertive and direct when it was time to be so, while still respecting the “process.” When I asked for answers, I got what I needed.

What I enjoyed most in working with Sharon that she has such a great sense of humor and humanity about her and she is really dynamic. The person who is coaching you has to respect you and where you are at, but does not have to be passive.  The greatest shift for me was that I was able to recognize the source of my frustrations much sooner and shift my behavior so to not get in the way of my working with others.”

Brooke Facente: Leadership Coaching Client 

“Before coaching with Sharon, I struggled with the long view of my position as a leader in a high-visibility organization. I wanted to understand my strengths in a cross-disciplinary context to be more open to new possibilities.

Sharon’s ability to communicate clearly, meet me where I was at, connect with purpose and intention – all with a great sense of humor – served me well. Her candid and warm nature helped take my confusion and iron it out. My confidence and capabilities as a leader grew.

My ability to set expectations and priorities for my teams and business partners increased. Now, I prioritize objectives to accommodate the realities of our work in a fast-paced environment with greater ease.

What surprised me in my work with Sharon was her ability to illuminate many pathways to success —not just one. Sharon steers the ship and keeps the momentum even if you feel lost.”  

Senior Physician Leader of Pediatrics, Northern California
Business Coaching Client Testimonial

“Sharon guided our Pediatric Leadership group in our strategic planning to form a bold vision for pediatric care and most importantly, the crucial steps to get there. She worked with each of our subgroups to make sure we had concrete steps to achieve our lofty goals.

Sharon showed herself to be honest, straightforward, and funny, but with a firm, guiding hand to steer us in the correct direction during our process. She made suggestions, but never was overly directive.

The most important achievement by Sharon was her ability to produce concrete results in a group previously unable to do so. Someone once compared our group to the old cliché regarding the herding of cats. Well, Sharon managed to herd the cats.”

Xiao-Ping Cheng, M.D., Chief of Physical Medicine & Physical Therapy
Leadership Coaching Client

“Sharon’s coaching helped the director of our department and me improve how we lead together as a team. I appreciated her straightforward style and her ability to quickly analyze and understand the challenges we were facing. Sharon gave us tools that allowed the director and me have greater openness in our discussions and create innovative solutions to challenging operational issues. We are now on the same page with one another in our understanding and approaches. We can tackle any challenge that comes our way.”

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